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       Elizabeth Cook       Michael Butler          Tim Carroll  M. Butler   E. Cook   Bones         Choptank River Boys in Full Swing
At the NightCat in Easton Md. Nov 19th, 2010   (SOLD OUT)      "Junk Man Joe" on Mic
Andy         Robbie       Mike     Johnny        Dave

Backstage with the Thrillbillys - CD release party at: State Theater in Falls Church, Va. Nov 26th '10
 Listen to "Voices of the bay" with Michael Buckley WRNR 103.1FM Annapolis, Md Sunday  mornings 7-10am
On the road & WoodShop dates:
  Dan Navarro     Michael Butler

Fri July 3rd       "The WoodShop" presents: Robby Hecht robbyhecht.com 
                           w/special guest, Angie Miller 7:30pm
                           Please RSVP ASAP. Limited seating for this show!
Sat July 4th       JP's Wharf Bar Bowers Beach, De. 5pm
Fri July 10th     "The WoodShop" Presents: Tony Denikos w/guests 7:30pm
Thu July 16th    J Kings 6:30pm Solo
Sat July 18th    "The WoodShop" presents: Mitch Morrill & The Mike Butler Trio Jam 7:30pm
Fri July 24th​    The Mike Butler Trio @ "The WoodShop"
Fri July 31st     "Wine in the Woods" Waugh Chapel Swim Club 9pm-12

Sat Aug 1st        "Smitty's Car Show" JP's Wharf Bar Bowers Beach, De. 4pm
Sun Aug 2nd       JP's Wharf Bar Bowers Beach, De. 3pm (Big Thursday Party)
Fri Aug 7th        The Mike Butler Trio @ "The WoodShop" 7:30
Sat Aug 8th        J King's Outdoor Patio 8:30pm
Sun Aug 9th      "Private Party"
Thu Aug 13th     J Kings 6:30pm Solo
Fri Aug 21st      "Matt Hutchison" from Baltimore's "Fools&Horses" @ "The WoodShop"
Sat Aug 22nd     JP's Wharf Bar Bowers Beach, De. 4pm
Sun Aug 23rd     Snappers "Deck Party" 5-9pm Solo
Fri Aug 28th      "Stan&Joe's South" Edgewater, Md. 8pm Solo
Sat Aug 29th     "Music Room @ "The Woodshop" 7:30w/Greg Everhart

Sun Sept 6th      JP's Wharf Bar Bowers Beach, De. 3-7pm
Fri Sept 11th     "Fast Eddie" Featuring "David Utter" from "Face Dancer" @ "The WoodShop" 7:30
Sat Sept 12th   "Private Party" Annapolis, Md.
Sun Sept 13th   "Snappers Deck Party" Cambridge, Md 5-9pm
Fri Sept 18th    "Mike Butler Trio" w/ "McTell Brothers" @ "The WoodShop" 7:30pm
Sat Sept 19th   Sammy&the Pirates @ "The WoodShop" 7:30pm
Fri Sept 25th    Private Party @ "The WoodShop"

Fri Oct 2nd      "J King's"  Solo 8:30pm
Sat Oct 3rd      Blue Suede Bop @ "The WoodShop" 7:30pm
Sat Oct 9th     "Buffalo Solders" featuring on drums "Lee Jordan" from "Detour"
Sat Oct 17th     Mitch&Josh/Mike Butler Trio @ "The WoodShop" 7:30pm
Fri Oct 23rd    "J King's" Solo 8:30pm
Sat Oct 24th    Hypnotic Panties @ "The WoodShop" 7:30pm
Sat Oct 31st   "Halloween Party" w/ "The TRIO" 6pm

November………..             Who Knows…… :)

Stats:        Most Watched Video: "Charm City" 115,491 views
For            Most Tips in a single performance: $478.72 "JP's Wharf Bar" Bowers Beach, DE.
2014          Longest playing in one set: 3hrs, 40mins, "Fishy, Fishy" Southport, N.C.
                  Most gigs in a single day: "Honfest"-JP's Wharf Bar- J King's in One Day!
                  Most annoying question: "Can you play something we can dance to?" I honestly
                      cannot think of a single song you cannot dance to.
                  My favorite comment from an audience member: "You, solo, are my favorite band".
                  Furthest away Fan: Sidney, AU.

           Favorite quotes: Kris Kristofferson: " All songs are really prayers."
​                                       Waylon Jennings: "Music should never be a competition"


  Listen to WPOC 93.1FM to hear "Charm City", "Patriotic Woman" and more in Baltimore, Md
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"The WoodShop", A live music listening room.
Email for address and showtimes:
"The WoodShop" was created for people who appreciate a listening environment over the loud talking and walls of televisions in most live music settings these days. It is also a place that provides a fully equipped stage with a PA system, drums, bass amp, 2 pianos, etc. allowing the musician to concentrate on performing. It was created out of my belief that most people really want to focus on the music/musician, they're just not given to proper atmosphere in which to do so. If you're a musician, how many times has someone asked you to play a song they really love? You do and they didn't even hear it because they were distracted. We use to play on stages. Now we all play on restaurant floors. In most bar settings it takes me hours to reach my audience and by then I'm ready to go home. It's real working driving to gigs, playing 4 hour gigs, loading and unloading, setting up, tearing down. Playing into a vacuum where there is no energy return is physically painful.  At "The WoodShop" events are under 3 hours and usually split between 2 or 3 performers. This allows you to do your best stuff. A good song is a good song. Original or cover. End times are between 9:30pm and 11pm depending on what night of the week it is. Tips and donations are encouraged throughout the evening and musicians are encouraged to do their best to maximize  the return. Invite your friend. They won't be disappointed. Email me and I'll answer any questions you have.

Michael Butler (owner)
Bringing music back to center 
Note: The summer schedule is ongoing as the word gets out. Full fall schedule coming.

Thanks to everybody!