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       Elizabeth Cook       Michael Butler          Tim Carroll  M. Butler   E. Cook   Bones         Choptank River Boys in Full Swing
At the NightCat in Easton Md. Nov 19th, 2010   (SOLD OUT)      "Junk Man Joe" on Mic
Andy         Robbie       Mike     Johnny        Dave

Backstage with the Thrillbillys - CD release party at: State Theater in Falls Church, Va. Nov 26th '10


2016 Schedule: All shows 7:30-10:30pm, $15 donation at the door, BYOB.

Fri March 18th    "TIPSC" reopens "The WoodShop" with "The Day Late, Dollar Short" at "The WoodShop"
                               St Patty's Day Party"  Plus The TRIO  
Sat March 19th   The Mike Butler TRIO  "The WoodShop" 
Fri March 25th    "Hypnotic Panties" at "The WoodShop" 
Sat March 26th   "Long Time Coming" at "The WoodShop"
Fri April 1st         "Music Room"  at "The WoodShop"
Sat April 2nd      "D'Vibe & Conga" w/"Herbie Wheatley" at "The WoodShop"

Friday April 8th   "Chuck Brodsky" from "Asheville, NC" 
                                http://www.chuckbrodsky.com/ $20 at the door at "The WoodShop"

Sat April 16th      "Blue Suede Bop"at "The WoodShop"
Fri April 22nd           CLOSED
Sat April 23rd      "The TRIO" with special guest "Georgie Jessup" at "The WoodShop"
Fri April 29th       "Matt Hutchison" w/full band http://www.matthutchison.org/music at "The WoodShop"

Fri May 6th             Closed
Sat May 7th        "Sammy & The Pirates" at "The WoodShop"
Fri May 13th       "Angie Miller" w/Band & "The TRIO" at "The WoodShop"
Sat May 14th      "Mitch & Josh" and "The TRIO" at "The WoodShop"
Sat May21st       "FD Automatic" at "The WoodShop"

Sat June 18th      "Detour" at "The WoodShop"

Sat July 23rd       "Angie Miller" "August West feat. Meg Murray" & "The Befuddles" AT "The WoodShop"

Sat Sept 10th      "Detour" at "The WoodShop"
Sat Sept 17th      "Fast Eddie" at "The WoodShop"

                 "Charm City" 115,491 views
                 Most Tips in a single performance: $478.72 "JP's Wharf Bar" Bowers Beach, DE.
                 Longest playing in one set: 3hrs, 40mins, "Fishy, Fishy" Southport, N.C.
                 Most gigs in a single day: "Honfest"-JP's Wharf Bar- J King's in One Day!
                 Most annoying question: "Can you play something we can dance to?" I honestly
                        cannot think of a single song you cannot dance to.
                 My favorite comment from an audience member: "You, solo, are my favorite band".
                 Furthest Long Distance Fan: Sidney, AU.

                 Favorite quotes: Kris Kristofferson: " All songs are really prayers."
​                                       Waylon Jennings: "Music should never be a competition"


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