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       Elizabeth Cook       Michael Butler          Tim Carroll  M. Butler   E. Cook   Bones         Choptank River Boys in Full Swing
At the NightCat in Easton Md. Nov 19th, 2010   (SOLD OUT)      "Junk Man Joe" on Mic
Andy         Robbie       Mike     Johnny        Dave

Backstage with the Thrillbillys - CD release party at: State Theater in Falls Church, Va. Nov 26th '10
  Dan Navarro     Michael Butler

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"The WoodShop"
   full schedule
Fri May 13th        You know her, love her, can't wait to see her. "Angie Miller" with full                                                   band opens for "The TRIO!    
Sat May 14th      Passin' a brain stone "The TRIO with, "Mitch and Josh
Sat May 21st      "FD AUTOMATIC" From famed "Face Dancer"
                           Scott McGinn (wrote "Red Shoes" and more for "Facedancer)
                           Packed with a powerful line up of extraordinary Talent:
                          "Scott McGinn", Bass. "Robert Feister" Guitar, "Aaron White",
                          Guitar. "Lee Jordan", Drums. "Steve Hancock", Lead Vocals.  
                          They will put on quite a performance including "Red Shoes"!!!!
Fri June 3rd       "Blues Night" w/ "Clarence the Bluesman Turner" and lotta more blues!!!
Fri June 17th      "Quirky"!!!   "Izzy Does It"  with "Miriam" from "Hypnotic Panties" on fiddle
Fri June 24th     Sophisticated "Music Room" does R&R Songs you just don't hear most bands                                   even attempt
Sat June 25th     ^^^^^^^^"DETOUR>>>>>>>>"  Straight up the R&R Alley to the headpin!!!! 
Fri July 15th         Ms. "Georgie Jessup" with a Message and a band called 
                            "The Philosopher Dogs"
Sat June 11th     "Assisting Living Band" Wanna have some fun, no, no, I mean real fun.                                                              This band have us all on the dance floor, Blues Brothers sound with a                                                              full horn section. Come on in and let's dance. 
Sat July 16th        "BLUE SUEDE BOP" Rockabilly at it's finest
Fri July 22nd         From the deep south of Florida "Paul Rowan" the one man band                                        Check out the link below, it's pretty cool!
Sat July 23rd        Music, Music, Music, MEG & ANGIE perform tonight 
                             in 3 different capacities, What??? well, just don't miss it.
Sat July 30th        The most originally named and famed. The one and only!
                             Drum rollllllllllllllll  "HYPNOTIC PANTIES"
Fri Aug 19th             From Brooklyn, NY Mr. "Greg Trooper" Greg's songs have been recorded by
                              many performing artists including Vince Gill, Steve Earl, Billy Bragg, Robert
                              Earl Keen, Emmylou Harris, Roseanne Cash and many more.
                              Trooper spends more than half the year on the road playing festivals,
                              theaters, listening rooms,and house concerts.
Sat Aug 20            "The WoodShop" hosts the long awaited return of, "Sammy and the Pirates"
Sat Sept 17th        "Fast Eddie"
Fri Sept 23rd        ^^^^^^^"DETOUR>>>>>>>>"  Straight up the R&R Alley to the headpin!!!! 
Sat Sept 24th       "Karen Collins and the Backroads Band" Straight to the heart of "Classic Country"
                             Glenn Martin" will open this show.
Fri Sept 30th        The most originally named and famed. The one and only!
                             Drum rollllllllllllllll Please.............  "HYPNOTIC PANTIES"
Fri Oct 7th            "Dirk Hamilton" will open for "The TRIO". California based "Dirk Hamilton" is 
                              traveling and performing around the country and "The WoodShop" is so fortunate 
                              to have such a talented singer/songwriter drop in. Sat Oct 8thyou can catch Dirk's 
                              entire performance at "Edith Mays Paradise in Jessup, Md. I would encourage you 
                              to visit "Edith Mays Paradise" with"Dirk Hamilton".    Don't miss it!
Sat Nov 19th         "Chuck Brodsky" this a true "House Concert" Shhhhhhhhh......Listen up to the stories of a veteran                                    world traveler.
Sat Dec 3rd          It's the "Lee (Buffalo) Jordan" Christmas Party with ^^^^^^^"DETOUR>>>>>>>>
Fri July 8th        "The WoodShop" presents our 1st Bluegrass performance with
                         "MOOSE JAW". These young folks will breath some life into
                          these old walls delivering your favorites.
Fri Aug 12th         "Reality Jones" is a Baltimore-based, original band fronted by                                                          singer/songwriter "Tim McFadden. Tim's writing provide insightful lyrics and                                  memorable melodies for Reality Jones. Be sure to check out the link below
Fri Sept 16th        "Mitch&Josh" with The "TRIO"
Fri July 29th        "Panama Rex" Let's have a summer party with "Panama Rex"
                           "Jimmy Buffet" review band. Bring it on. Flowering shirts and all
Fri June 10th       All Night with the "TRIO" Haven't done this in a while and we're so looking
                            forward to it. We've mostly been playing the closer, opener and supporting rolls
                            here at "The WoodShop" Just me and the guys tonight. Hope you can make it out